Thursday, March 27, 2014

Web page

The website above includes my video. a home page, and cited work.  I went to Google to collect for my website and video.  To be honest I was not look to see how or if it was formatted.  Yes I can use my images in my video because they we're on the internet.  

Exam Video

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Great job! I like the drawings you did great on it. That's cool that you baked and decorated cakes. Nice video! Mckenna Wensley's 6th hour

Great video! That was cool that you teach your grandpa how to use an iPad.
That's cool that you had a job a freshmen year. I like the drawings. Great job! Payton Ferris's 6th hour

Great Job! You drawings was really cool. That's so cool that you you found your cat in the forest and that you have a twin brother. Izzy Tolsma's 6th hour

Nice Job! Nice drawings you did good on it. I like it the App should use it next time Thanks for sharing. That's cool that you have 4 dogs. Kendra Schleede's 6th hour

Great job! you have a really big family. I like the drawings you did great job. that's cool that you build a house with your dad. I like the App next time I'll use it. Nice Job on the video. Thanks for sharing. Thure Chalfant's 6th hour

Great Job! I like the drawings. It must be fun being an aunt. I didn't know that you used to be homeschooled. Nice job! Therese Lefere's 6th hour

Great Job! I like your drawings. Your video was entertaining, it didn't run too long like some other videos that I watched today. Nice Job! Laurie Camburn's 6th hour

Nice Job! I like the drawings. I bet Cedar Point was fun. I like this App maybe next time I'll use it. Great Job on your video. Abreay Glover's 6th hour

Great Job! that's cool that you shot an 8 point deer. The music in the background that you added was cool. Nice Job!! John Del Priore's 6th hour

Great video! I like the drawings.That's cool that you went to a state tournament. Nice Job! Chase Veydt's 6th hour 

This is a great video! That's cool you did Ballet for 3 year. That's cool that you had two little sister's. That's awesome that you used to play softball for Western. Nice Job! Taylor Stowe's 6th hour

This is a good video! I like that App maybe next time I'll use it. That's so cool that your cat had 4 kittens I love cats. You did a good job! Alicia Peckham's 6th hour

Great Job! I like the drawings. I really enjoyed learning all about of the sports you played. I learned that you placed 60th in the whole state in cross-country, awesome. Jacob Inosencio 6th hour

Great Job on the video! I like the drawings you did it was so cool. That's cool that you like to play soccer. I like the Apps that you used it's cool. Nice Job! Kalyn Devine's 6th hour

Great Job! Your Drawings we're good. That's cool that you have a twin sister. That's awesome that you did gymnastics, volleyball, softball, track. Nice job on the video. Jamie Lundberg 6th hour

Nice Job! That's cool that you found your cat after it was abandoned. That's Awesome that you help out at the church. That's cool that you played tennis. Nice Job on the video!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Watching draw my life videos

In Mr.Weller first hour I watch draw my life videos. I watched two videos today. And comment them ( nice comments )


 like the video. I didn't know you were a runner. I like the drawing it was pretty cool. Great Job Madison!

Great video! I like your drawing. That's cool that you went to Warner Elementary School I never went to that school. Great Job on your video.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This is a really good video, That's good that you have best friends that you love, that's is a really good app that you had on here maybe next time I'll use it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Draw my life project

In Mr. Weller class we were doing our project. I just started draw my life today.